Emer/sive Realities

Emer/sive Realities is a world-leading design studio developing narrative experiences for Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality games. We also develop immersive content for films, installations and educational, tourism and branded content. These can be viewed using 360 VR, Magic Leap, Hololens and other headsets, and some smartphones.

boat varanasi dusk
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Above: The River Ganges, Varanasi (Benares), India – for Global Rivers of VR; Below: Skansen museum, Stockholm, Sweden for The Nadir.

We can help bring these new technologies to your business, museum or gallery, curriculum, or community. This creates compelling, unique narrative-driven experiences that can heighten and deepen engagement for the purposes of learning, entertainment, or building relationships.

We bring strategic business development skills to identify the best way to engage with new technologies. As a cross-platform studio, we can integrate these technologies with existing platforms to develop a matrix of traditional and new technologies.

We bring people together, we nurture ideas, and we respect everybody and everything.

At Emer/sive Realities there are no limits. 

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Creative Director: Dr Moya Baldry

I was awarded a Doctor of Creative Industries at QUT, Australia in 2018.  My research investigated the design of a narrative architecture for a networked VR game/experience. This enables the user to participate in emergent, user-driven experiences that push design toward indeterminancy (and not pseudo-random choices as present in many games) and the human toward the networked post-human.  This explores our human capacities and empowers human beings to be the creators and distributors of knowledge.

I hold an MBA and B.Bus. (Journalism) and was previously funded (Aust Co, Arts Qld/BCC) to develop a mixed reality game (Run Robot Run) and a geolocated, co-created content site (Grafgirl) from 2003-5. Previously, I worked at the National Gallery of Victoria, the Queensland Writers Centre, Mars and Co (London), Accord Group Search Associates, and NVC Arts (a Warner company).

I also work across traditional screen projects and have developed content for information, marketing and educational settings.


Technical development is managed dependant on the client location and project needs.

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